Two New Community Spaces in Avoca

Project Overview

Pyrenees Shire Council will be opening two new spaces for the community and businesses in Avoca. Space A will be a business and community facility in the former Shire Offices. Space B will be a digital facility in the Avoca Information and Community Centre.

Council would like to understand the needs in the Avoca and surrounding areas in relation to meeting/working spaces and is asking potential users to complete a survey to determine the most popular requests for the spaces. This is to ensure the spaces are functional and effective to serve local businesses, community groups and residents.

Space A (business and community facility at the former Shire Offices):

The former Shire Office space has been refurbished to provide a space for businesses and community groups. There are three multi-purpose rooms, three office spaces and kitchen/toilet facilities. Furniture will be supplied depending on needs. Its purpose is to encourage new community groups and support existing groups by having a safe, flexible, more user-friendly space to use. The space is also for start-up and existing businesses that are digitally self-sufficient.

Space B (digital space at Avoca Information and Community Centre):

The meeting rooms at the rear of the Avoca Information and Community Centre will be transformed into a digital centre. This centre will be a co-working space that offers fast and reliable NBN internet, strong mobile phone coverage, technical facilities, charging stations, video conferencing, meeting rooms, dedicated work spaces and training spaces. This centre will focus on creating a central point for connecting people, information and ideas. It will have the potential to improve digital skills for individuals and businesses as well as foster business start-ups and community development.

Space A Photos

Check out the photos of the refurbished space (Space A) at the old Shire Offices.

Open Afternoon

Open Afternoon - Wednesday 13 October 2021 from 12noon to 5.00pm

The survey is now closed. Thanks for participating.