Welcome to Pyrenees Shire Council's engagement portal.

Pyrenees Shire Council is committed to representing the diverse needs of our community when planning and delivering projects and services. There are many different ways through which community members can engage with us on this platform. Drop by, have a look a round, stay a while and check out what's going on. 

Current Projects

Fair Access Policy and Action Plan - Draft for community comment

Thank you for taking the time to participate inCouncil's Draft Fair Access Policy Survey. Your insights and experiences are invaluable as we strive to ensure equal opportunities and access for everyone within our community. In today’s rapidly changing world, it is more important than ever to address and uphold the principles of fairness, ...
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Pyrenees Local Area Action Plan - visitor economy strategy

Are you involved in the local tourism industry? Have your say on a new action plan to help grow the sector.
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Lexton Flood Management Plan

Help us develop the Lexton Flood Managment Plan.
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Closed Projects

Municipal Emergency Management Plan revision

This is your opportunity to review and provide feedback on the Pyrenees Shire Municipal Emergency Management Plan.
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Animal Welfare Victoria cat containment poll

Animal Welfare Victoria is asking all Victorian councils to ask their communities about their thoughts on cat containment. The question they’re asking is “Do you think cats should always be contained to their owner's property?”. You can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in the poll.
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Proposed road name change in Snake Valley

Pyrenees Shire Council is proposing to rename Blackfellows Lane, Snake Valley. We need your help to find a new name that's more appropriate.
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Have your say on the Beaufort Linear Park Master Plan

The Beaufort Linear Park project aims to create a new recreational corridor along the course of Garibaldi Creek. A draft copy of the Master Plan was presented to the community earlier this month, and now Beaufort residents are being invited to have their final say on the plan.
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Beaufort Linear Park Master Plan Community Survey

Pyrenees Shire Council is preparing a Master Plan for the Beaufort Linear Park. The project aims to create a new recreational corridor along the course of the Garibaldi Creek. To help shape this plan, we’re calling on the community for ideas on what this corridor may look like in the future. Have your say by completing this brief survey!
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Pyrenees Shire Council Customer Service Survey

Pyrenees Shire Council is seeking community feedback on its customer service. This is your chance to tell us how you feel about Council’s service, help us identify what we do well, and what areas need improvement.
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Redbank Street Improvement Program

Your opinion matters – this is an opportunity for Redbank residents to influence the direction of a proposed works program to improve the use and appearance of Navarre Street, Redbank.
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Emergency Animal Welfare Plan Revision

The Pyrenees Shire Emergency Animal Welfare Plan has been revised and this is your opportunity to view it and provide feedback.
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Have your say on the future of the Goldfields Recreation Reserve

Council is seeking help from Pyrenees Shire residents to develop a Master Plan for Goldfields Recreation Reserve in Beaufort. The plan will provide direction on the management and development of the Reserve and the adjoining lake and caravan park, as well as the Beaufort Primary School and the Beaufort Secondary School.
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Changes to Council Governance Rules and Election Policy

Council is updating its Governance Rules and Election Period policy and is offering its community the opportunity to provide feedback on these amendments.
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Should Council remove the pedestrian bridge over Burnbank creek at Lexton?

Following a request from the community, Pyrenees Shire Council is considering the future of this footbridge.
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Potential changes to Community Care

Take the chance to contribute to Council's decision-making processes! Like many other councils in Victoria, the Pyrenees Shire Council is considering its future role in the delivery of home based care services. We need your help in this very difficult decision.
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Have your say on better footpaths for Avoca

The Pyrenees Shire Council is working to improve pathways in Avoca. We are seeking input from residents and business owners to find the areas in Avoca that are most in need of new footpaths or upgrades to existing footpaths.
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Beaufort Shire Hall landscape renovation

We are recommending changing the hedge garden around Beaufort Shire Hall to be more welcoming, as well as removing unsafe and diseased plants. We want your feedback on the proposed replacement plants for the garden.
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Have your say on Council's Ten Year Asset Plan

Council is offering the opportunity for its community to provide feedback on its Ten Year Asset Plan.
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Community Engagement & Communications – Guide us in our plans for improvement

Council is offering the opportunity for its community to support the review of its Community Engagement & Communications Policy and the development of a new Engagement & Communications Strategy.
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Share your opinions on the proposed naming of the new Community Hubs in Avoca

Two new hubs for community use are in the final stages of development in Avoca. Share your opinions on the proposed naming of these hubs.
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2022-23 Budget

Council has released the DRAFT 2022-23 Budget.
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Electric vehicle charging stations for Beaufort and Avoca

Pyrenees Shire Council has successfully received funding from the federal government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program to install two, two-bay, electric vehicle recharging stati...
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Calling all street-performers, musicians, community artists and fun-makers

We would like to promote our local artists and to seek opportunities to give them work close to home. Right now we are growing a list of performers, street performers, musicians, facepainters or community arts practitioners who live in and around the Pyrenees Shire. Complete a short survey to let us know who you are and what you do.
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Communicating with Council

The aim of Council’s new DRAFT Communications Strategy is to inform the public of Council decisions, initiatives, and actions. To help us ensure we are reaching as many of our residents and ratepayers as possible, we are asking for your opinion on the communications we currently produce.
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Two New Community Spaces in Avoca

Pyrenees Shire Council will be opening two new spaces for the community and businesses in Avoca. Space A will be a business and community facility in the former Shire Offices. Space B will be a digital facility in the Avoca Information and Community Centre.
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Creativity in the Pyrenees Shire

Understanding strengths, uniqueness and strategic directions of the creative community in Pyrenees Shire
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Avoca River Frontage Reserve

Council is seeking to understand how the community values and uses the Avoca River Flat Reserve, along with their hopes for the future of this land. This consultation will help Council to understand what role it may play in guiding future land management decisions. 
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Long-Term Financial Plan - Draft for feedback

This long-term financial plan serves as the key ten-year planning document providing a long-term view of the resources that are expected to be available to Council to deliver the Council Plan and the Community Vision for Pyrenees. View the plan and provide your feedback.
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Do we need an off leash dog park in Beaufort?

Share your thoughts about whether and how Beaufort might benefit from off-leash dog-park. We are keen to understand who would use a dog park. We would love your ideas about what kind of things we need to consider for the design and location of a proposed dog park.
Does Beaufort need an off-lead dog park?

Shaping the Pyrenees

Review our draft Council Plan (2021-2025) and the Community Vision 2031. Learn how we worked with community to develop these guiding documents. There's still time to have your say, provide your feedback and provide input to the final version of the plan.
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