Collaborate in workshops to co-create a Creative Community Strategy

About the project

Council is currently collaborating to develop a creative community strategy for the Pyrenees Shire community. Last year we asked our community to let us know how and where they engage with creativity in their local community, what is working, what needs improving. We want to know how the community want to best celebrate, promote and support Pyrenees creativity now and into the future? A discussion paper has been developed which outlines the findings of this research phase, and can be accessed on this page.

Why are we doing this?

In recognition of the Shire’s rich artistic and creative activity, in 2021 Council committed to develop the first ever Pyrenees creative community strategy. “What is this” you ask? The answer is entirely up to you, the community.

The proposed strategy, Creativity in the Pyrenees, is currently a blank canvas and council are looking to the community to help design it. We want this strategy to be useful to creatives (both professional and hobbyist), audiences, events, and venue operators who are key to displaying and promoting Pyrenees artforms.